Monday, October 10, 2011

we're back

we're back from our hiatus and we have a lot of good shit coming up:

-- lately we have been shelling out new songs for an upcoming album at practice like crazy. hopefully we can get this stuff recorded before the end of the year is up and have it mixed down a little after that. some songs remind me of black sabbath meets the beach boys. i don't know, it's pretty cool.

-- outside of the new songs we have been working on, we have a couple already recorded for a 7" out on a tba announced label that rules.

-- shows!:
- 10/14 @ beerland in austin w/ creationists, the zoltars, and horse + donkey
- 11/11 for steph's birthday bash @ beerland in austin w/ voyageurs, rayon beach, year of the bear, and tba
- 11/12 for shut up and rumble @ overground project in dallas w/ american werewolf academy
- tbd for cavalcade of unpopular music II @ doc's records in fort worth w/ hentai improv orchestra, year of the bear, and spacebeach
see ya'll soon

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